Courtney Stevens

Lab Director
Lab Member Since: Fall 2008

Lyndsey Shimazu

Major: Psychology
Lab Member Since: Fall 2016
When I'm not in the lab you're most likely to find me handing out packages at the mail center, playing video games with friends, or listening to music.

Rosalind Fraser

Major: Politics, Psychology
Lab Member Since: Fall 2016
When I'm not in the lab you're most likely to find me sipping some tea and listening to music, or napping.

Amanda Fong

Major: Biology, Math
Minor: Psychology
Lab Member Since: Spring 2017
When I'm not in the lab you're most likely to find me running around campus with Nala the Corgi.


Kendra Good
'18 - Psychology

Jacob Bensonmeyer
'17 - Psychology

Malayka Mottarella
'17 - Psychology
Lab manager, University of Washington

Seth Eggleston
'17 - Psychology and Music

Travis Oleson
Exchange student in France

John Paul Welch
Exp '20

Rachel Green
'17 - Biology

Shelbie Wolfe
'16 - Psychology

Juan Ramos
'15 - Psychology
PhD student in Social-Org, Teaches College Columbia U

Samantha Martinez
'15 - Psychology
MS student in Counseling, University of Pennsylvania

Charleen Gust
'15 - Psych and Math
PhD student in Psychology, U Colorado - Boulder

Eve Wiggins
'15 - Neuroscience
Medical Scribe - Alaska

Yuko Tamaoki
'15 - Neuroscience
MS student Applied Cog & Neuroscience, U Texas - Dallas

Emily Miller
'14 - Chemistry
Medical School, UCLA

Kathryn Friason
'14 - Neuroscience
PhD student in Neuroscience, Univ of Pittsburgh

Dominique Cleary
Exchange Student in 2014

Lauren Branch
'14 - Psychology and Politics

Ami Snur
'14 - Psychology
MA student in Mental Health Counseling, Lewis & Clark

Rachel Ross
'14 - Psychology
Regional Learning Faculty at OHSU

Audrey Davis
'13 - Neuroscience
Lab Manager in Biology, Willamette University

Neal Rusk
'13 - Psychology and Economics
Catastrophe Analyst for insurance firm

Madison Niermeyer
'12 - Psychology
PhD student in Neuropsychology at University of Utah

Hannah Waller
'12 - Psychology
MS student in Neuroscience at Montana State

Alia Yasen
'11 - Neuroscience
PhD student in Human Physiology, University of Oregon

Autumn McIlraith
'10 - Biology
PhD student in Speech Language Pathology at Florida State University

Leila Mitsunaga
'10 - Psychology
PhD student in Clinical Psychology, Argosy University, Hawaii

David Lindenbach
'08 - Sociology
PhD Neuroscience, SUNY-Binghamton

*If you are a CNL alumnus with an update, please email Professor Stevens.